All people visiting this website who should be able to live life without pain. This statement includes you!

Having the right post-auto accident medical care team can identify the symptoms that are impacting the life of a patient and effectively carry out medical and chiropractic procedures, including physical therapy and employ therapeutic modalities to improve the quality of life. Chiropractic care can be the ideal treatment option for anyone who has been in an automobile accident. This method of treatment will also prove beneficial to anyone who would prefer to avoid taking drugs for pain management. Chiropractic care involves hands-on treatment and natural methods for effective healing.

The question becomes how does one locate the right team to help me with my injuries?

We are 1st Health and we know that your search for the right medical team will end here. Our team of Chiropractors and Medical Doctors will treat your condition and strive to minimize the impact on your life and the potential for pain or illness in the future.

If an auto accident has resulted in you living with pain, contact us today. We can help improve your overall health and satisfaction with life. You deserve to be healthy!

1st Health provides world-class care to individuals involved in automobile accidents. We provide prompt, professional medical care, from X-Rays, MRI’s to therapeutic solutions. To make your life easier after an accident, we’ll even submit your bills to the insurance carrier. 1st Health takes patient privacy very seriously. Read about our Privacy Practices.