When going through chiropractic adjustments and working with soft tissue, it may need additional treatments that are not surgical in nature. These treatments and methods are called therapeutic modalities. These treatments can be things like electrical stimulation, physical therapy, or even icing the bothersome area.

There are different types of therapeutic modalities that you can use depending on the injury you are struggling with. We have a few listed below as well as their benefits so you can optimize your treatments moving forward.


Cryotherapy is the act of using a cold temperature in the sudden and severe points of an injury. This is typically used in the form of an ice pack and is used to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Moist Heat

Moist heat can be used to help promote circulation and cut down on muscle spasms. A moist heat pack can be particularly helpful in an office setting where your main focus should be work and not the pain you are experiencing. Heat can increase the metabolic rate of your cells and improve range of motion.


Ultrasounds are well known for their use in tracking a pregnancy’s progress. They can also however be therapeutic. Thermal ultrasounds can assist in increasing blood flow and reducing joint stiffness and muscle spasm. These benefits can be very important for the healing process.

Electric Muscular Stimulation

Tens units have recently hit the scene for pain management and physical therapy. But how exactly do they work, and why are they so beneficial? Electro pads are applied to the skin over the injured area. The stimulation coming through the pads will slowly increase until the patient is comfortable. It doesn’t feel like an electric shock, but more like a soft buzzing of the muscle. This act reduces muscle spasms and general pain.

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